Simpler Way to Comfort Sciatica Pain

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While enjoying your evening tea with your family, you might face some painful moments when you find that you are not able to move your leg in any direction. It might be impossible to get-up and lie down on your bed. Even a secondary help could be unbearable. Slightest movement of the legs could send pangs of shooting pains in the legs.

How could the doctor help? How far the pain-killers help in reducing the pain? It might be difficult to identify the point where the pain could be cantered.

Sciatica pain is caused by compression of either of five spinal nerve roots. It may be caused due to sciatica nerve in one of the legs or both the legs. The pain may be felt in the lower back, hips or different parts of the leg and foot. Severe pain may cause numbness, muscular weakness, pins and needles or tingling and difficulty in moving the leg.

One of such cases was witnessed by me. A lady of 28-years was lying in the bed. She had shooting pain in the left thigh. She did not allow me to touch it for even giving very light pressure. Acupressure treatment required me to give light pulsating pressure on some reflex points, situated at the back of left thigh, side of the thigh, centre of the hips and by the side of back bone at equal intervals of 1 inch- from coccyx to the back of the neck.

I started with giving 30-second light pulsating pressure on the side of heel, 2-inches above the ankle-bone on the inner side of the left leg, centre of calf-muscles, at the back of knee-joint, back of the left thigh and the middle-point of the crease beside the hips. It took me just 3-4 minutes. Then I placed my thumb on the side of her thigh to apply mild pressure for 30-seconds. By that time the shooting pain had been comforted.

Later I could continue to give mild pressure on her back bone starting from bottom to the back of neck, at the interval of 1 inch. She was feeling very much relaxed, the pain had almost subsided. The final exercise was to make her lie on her stomach. I lifted her left-feet, while bending on the left-knee, the heel was required to be pressed to touch the left hips. In case of excessive pain, the heel should be pressed to reach nearer to the hips. The heel has to stay in that position for 15-20 seconds and then brought back.

Finally the patient has to lie on the right side so that pointed pressure could be applied on the side-bone of the left hip. Usually elbow is used to apply 15-seconds pressure.
Two more sittings in next two days enabled the lady to move around and resume her daily routines.

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