Evaluating Your Website And Seo With Analytics

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Do you want to know how many visitors your website gets each day?  Do you want to measure how well those SEO experts you hired are doing their job?   If you don’t have the money to hire SEO consultants, one way you can do this is by looking into analytics.  Analytics can benefit you, whether or not you can afford to hire SEO experts.  
Analytics serve one purpose: to help figure out what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong when it comes to your website and SEO.  You can get an idea of the big picture and what you need to fix or where you need to make improvements.    If you can hire  SEO consultants, you can even use analytics to compare and contrast the information he or she has available.    
Google analytics are the most popular because, well, Google is the most popular search engine and has been for a long time, at least a long time when it comes to the internet.  Google analytics can help you figure out the following things:  
1.  How many visits you get to your website.
2.  What kind of operating system and web browser your visitors are using.
3.  Where your visitors came from (Google, another search engine, another website that has linked you, etc.)
4.  Where your visitors came from (city, state, country, etc.)
5.  How long your visitor spends on your website and what other links (either outbound or to other parts of your website) they click.
6.  What your visitor’s connection speed is (this can affect how long they stay on your website).   
7.  If your visitor came from a search engine, such as Google, what keywords they typed in to get to your website.  
8.  Who a visitor’s internet provider is, and in some cases where they are in terms of company.  For example, if someone lands on your website from a particular business or agency, that information may show up.  
Of course there is other information available but these are some of the most important parts.  Knowing this information can help you evaluate who your visitors are and how they’re getting to your website, why, and how long they are staying on it.  It can tell you if your SEO is working or if it’s not at all.  Best of all, once you’ve identified your problems and made changes to your website, you can continue to use Google analytics (or any type of analytics) to monitor the effect your changes have on your website and SEO.  
So how much do you have to pay to use Google or some other brand of analytics?  Absolutely nothing.  Yes, analytics are completely and totally free.  Many, if not all of them, will require you to sign up, but once you’re in, it’s all yours and available to access anytime you want.


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