Do You Need a Website Upgrade?

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It takes about seven or so seconds for someone to judge a website.  Most people judge a site based on how it looks, which is not surprising, even if it’s not a good idea.  If your website looks old or unprofessional, it can be a problem for your business.  This alone could be a reason to make the switch to a new design.  Also, if your company has made changes, it’s time to think about hiring internet marketing Toronto to make some important online changes to reflect that.  
Many small businesses may not want to pay for Toronto internet marketing  to completely overhaul their website but it may be necessary.  If you are not sure whether it’s time to redesign your website, here are some things you should ask yourself before you take the big plunge.
1.  Is your site performing well?   What is your web conversion rate?  Do people immediately leave within those seven seconds or do they stay and check out what you have to offer?
2. Are parts of your website really good or really bad?   You may not need to change your entire website, just the parts that aren’t working.   
3. Will your customers have a problem with the change?   Changing your website can affect your customers.  As a rule, people do not care for change.   If people are using your website regularly, will it bother them to log on one day and see something different?
4. Does your website compare to others out there right now?  Unfortunately, being innovative doesn’t always work when it comes to websites.  Customers become comfortable with a certain format or layout.  
5. Has your company made changes within itself?  If your website no longer reflects what all your company is about, it may be past time to make a change to reflect the growth your company has made through the years.   
6. Is your current design user – and search engine – friendly?  Doing well in the search engines is an on-going process that requires constant analysis.  If you find you aren’t doing well in Google or other search engines, maybe it’s time to give your favorite internet marketing Toronto a call.  
7. Does your website look outdated?  If your website has looked the same for the last ten years, maybe it is time to make the change.  
8. Do your new additions match the old?  If you have new products and you add them to your website in a new format, eventually your website will start to look cluttered and unprofessional.
9. Does your website lack functionality?  Many websites were once created to look nice.  Today, a Toronto internet marketing can make your website look nice and function properly.  
Just remember that the decision to redesign your website is not one that should be taken lightly.  Do your research and compare your pros and cons.  


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