How to Find Out Whether Weightlifting is For You

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People often engage in weightlifting exercises nowadays. However, they usually do not give it any serious thoughts before starting the trainings. As a result, most people stop their exercises soon or even get injured. Weightlifting is not for everybody. It is important to realize that. You can easily find out whether the weightlifting is for you or not.


Having the right reasons for starting the weightlifting exercises is very important. Of course, these are not carved in the stone. Different reasons may be the right ones for some people and the wrong ones for others. The validity of your reason depends on the motivation it gives you. Though, the strongest motivators are not always the right ones. It is the long-term motivation that counts.

For example, wanting to grow some muscles to improve your looks before the summer can be both good and wrong reason. It is a good reason when the summer is still far away in the future. Wanting to improve your figure a little by gaining some muscles over the course of several months is good and realistic goal. On the other hand, trying to transform into Arnold or Sylvester in a week (or even few weeks) is straightforward stupid. Such an effort will either get you nowhere or land you in the hospital. That being said, growing bigger muscles always takes time. If you want to get ripped in few weeks, you are most likely a lost cause. Do not mind all the ads on the internet. Those ‘tricks’ either do not work or are very dangerous for your health.


Another important factor to consider is your personality. If you are impatient and lazy, then weightlifting is not for you. You can save yourself some money and time by avoiding it completely. As I have already mentioned, growing muscles takes some time. It also requires a lot of effort and persistence on your side. So does keeping those muscles once you gain them. There is no point in doing weightlifting exercises once a month. Such an approach can easily get you hurt. The same is true if you are one of the ‘Hurray!’ guys. You must be prepared to start slowly. Enthusiasm is great, but only when your efforts are directed by rational thoughts.

Strong will

Having a strong will is also a must. You will experience a lot of discomfort and even pain during and after your trainings. You will often feel exhausted. The muscles will often hurt like hell the next day and the day after that. In fact, you might easily spend the entire week like this, especially during the first few weeks or months (if you exercise several times a week). Though, this is mostly the case when you are trying to get at least some visible results relatively fast. However, the discomfort is present even when you take it really slow. Weightlifting is not very good as a recreational activity, unless you are a masochist.

To conclude, weightlifting is not for everyone. Generally, you need something to keep you motivated over long period of time to see some results. Hasty personality, laziness and inability to willingly endure some discomfort or even pain means that weightlifting is not for you, at least as long as you are unable to overcome these personality traits. Though, it is also worth mentioning that one’s gender does not really matter that much. Both men and women can benefit from weightlifting. Though, women usually have different reasons than growing huge muscles.


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