Ten Ayurvedic Tips For Your Skin Care

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Skin, the largest sense organ of the body, covers the body externally, protects it from microorganisms, maintains the body temperature and gives color and beauty to the body. More than all these features, skin reflects the health of both body and mind. Hence we can dare say that healthy skin is the healthy body.

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system, practiced in India for more than 5,000 years. It has its own way not only to enhance health, beauty and charm, but also to prevent premature aging. It also enhances proper functioning of the skin. Hygienic habits, balanced-nutritious diet, moderate exercises good sleep and tension-free lifestyle provide a healthy and beautiful skin. Face, which is described as the index of the body, is the prominent organ of skin which is the most attractive part of the body.

Ayurveda prescribes some tips to care your skin properly to attain beauty and health. Ayurvedic methods are harmless and have no side effects.

Ten Ayurvedic tips to care your skin

1) Face packs

Ayurveda has formulas for face packs (Mugha lepa) that stimulate blood circulation, tone up facial muscles, enhance the complexion, maintain the elasticity of the skin and draw out toxins and waste materials from the skin. They are available according to the nature and need of the skin.

2) Skin tonics

Ayurveda skin tonics remove greasiness that occurs during cleansing and nourishing processes. They close the pores opened due to steaming. They refresh the skin and stimulate blood supply.

3) Fruit diets

Eat fresh fruits which are available in the respective seasons. Colored vegetables help skin health very much.

4) Drink water

Water is a natural element that keeps up skin healthily. Drinking plenty of boiled water will protect you from infections. Drinking at least 6 glasses of water everyday will help eliminating the waste.

5) Deeper cleansing

Ayurveda recommends deeper cleansing with its own medications that go deep into the pores and clean the dirt which cannot be cleaned by ordinary face washing.

6) Ayurvedic massage

It recommends massaging the body with sesame oil everyday before bathing. The massage oil can be any skin-friendly oil like olive oil or some Ayurvedic medicated oil.

7) Use warm water and green gram for bath

Ayurveda recommends warm water for bathing body. Using it on head may spoil eye sight and hair growth. Soap or shampoo can be replaced by channa powder or green gram (phaseolus aureus) powder since they are cool and skin friendly.

8) Avoid sunlight

Direct sunlight may affect the skin and it is better to cover the head and body. Use of an umbrella may also help.

9) Avoid too much of fat in diet

Eating too much of sweets, fried foods, and spicy foods and too much of salt will spoil the skin health.

10) Apply oil

Application of oil on your head and under the feet is is important in Ayurvedic skin maintenance. Application of Ayurvedic nasal drops can improve muscle tone and refresh skin. 


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