Put Yourself in a Place Where You Can Thrive…

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You don’t plant flowers in the basement, hoping to see pretty blooms in the sunshine of summer.  You don’t put the book on the bookshelf in hopes that you will read it.  You don’t stay home from work just because.  So with these thoughts, can you survive if you can’t thrive? 

Putting yourself down, not completing tasks and just laying around you will never thrive.  Not doing something to better yourself, you won’t thrive. Taking life as it comes, and not pursuing something that you want to do, you will not thrive.

Basically your whole future is you, and what you make of it, so are you thriving or just surviving? Surviving is meeting your basic needs in life, work, eating, sleeping, etc.  Thriving is making a new person, the one that you want to be.  Going to school, drawing a picture, reading a book, and spending more time with those that are important.

This world is basically a letdown, we are all here for a short time, and we have to make the most of it. No free handouts here, you have to make something of yourself for yourself.  Sorting out your life is up to you and only you.  Life is overwhelming in itself, Bills don’t go away, and Rent doesn’t go away, Children and mates don’t go away.  But this is to tell you, you have to work around life, to thrive.

At first you will find yourself overwhelmed, not knowing which way to turn, the answer is there, God is there, your family is there, and your mate is there.  Put your chin up and think of a brighter future, don’t settle, get on with it.

Plant yourself in the sunshine, read that book on the shelf, go to work, and have positive thoughts to survive and thrive.  Get up; to something to better yourself, it is totally up to you.  Seriously you’re the only one that can do this for yourself. 

But until you’re ready, you can’t be forced in to anything, parent try to guide you, and friends try to sway you.  But until you decide what it is, no one can help; you decide what it is that is most important to you. 

Not that surviving isn’t good, but thriving is better, or thriving to survive.

Put your chin up, get on with the duties at hand, and make yourself a better person.   Don’t listen to the negative;
hear the positive, even if it is your own voice telling you that.  God is on your side, he knows what he would like you to do.  But it is up to you to follow thru with it.

Living is a struggle, that all of us face, the wants outweigh the have not’s.  Thriving could mean a lot of things, but taking care of your needs, your family needs, and knowing what is best…Getting a better job, being more comfortable in life, not struggling so much.  Not living from paycheck to paycheck.  The opportunities are endless, but it is up to you to thrive not just survive.


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