1000,500,000,000, Sleep And Prayer, Poems

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One Thousand Five Hundred Million

One thousand five hundred million people and I found you

Chengdu fog, Shenzhen rain

Just one touch erased my pain

One thousand five hundred million souls and our love is new

Little baby, greatest love

Gift of God from up above

One thousand five hundred million hearts and yours touched mine

Mountain mist, highland wind

To you my love my all I send

One thousand five hundred million lovers and you I find

My heart my soul, my love and life

To you my lovely China wife

One thousand five hundred million Lives and God gave me you

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


The need of you, the thought of you too,

Inspires my soul within.

What fortune to know you.

Like warmth in the snow, like rain in a drought,

Your warmth glows a bright,

And eases my fright.

With closed eyes I see that beauty surrounds thee.

Knocking I wonder if I can come in.

Knowing I need she,

I pray the need of she is me.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1977- 2009


In depression I sleep, in sadness I lie,

Forgetting my wrongs and what makes me cry.

In dreams do I love, with hope do I writhe,

till morning is born and dreams love goes a-rye

In sleep did I hold her, in dark did she sigh,

In truth I don’t know her, her loves never mine.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2009


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