Mr. Used to Be-Poem

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The Next Mr. Used To Be

My next x-wife, my soon to be

My last one lost, my should have seen

Are you the one I soon will leave?

Or shall you stay, a life to weave

Are you the next to walk away?

To lie at night, to smile each day

Are you the girl for whom I’ll cry

Or yet the one for whom I’ll die?

Do you sigh, moan and call, for me to lay beside

Or am I but the next to see, the next to share the ride?

Do you kiss me tried and true, are my touches felt?

Or simply more, that came before, like all that I’ve been dealt

Do you arch your back in glee and loudly call my name

In passions hold do you shake, or simply feel the same?

Do shivers quake and breathing fault, when laid in silken berth?

Or is it just for memories sake, we play to hide the truth

When you close your eyes and sigh, and draw me deep inside

Do you need me then and there, or simply try to hide?

Will we live, forever be, so loving, soft and free?

Or am I but your nothing more, your brand new future past?

Just one more cog in line for pain, the next… Mr. used to be?

© 2010, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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