How Can it Be And How, Poems

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How Can It Be

How can two eyes of brown contain the whole night sky?

Once asked the poet

How can a woman steal the breath from heaven?

Once asked the man of songs

How can two lowly ears contain all of her sighs?

Once asked the ardent Lover

How can the seas contain all of her tears?

Once asked the lonely soul

How can these hands contain all of her beauty?

Once asked the doting husband

How can her lips contain all of her cries?

Once asked the passionate suitor?

How can a heart so small contain a love so large?

Once asked I of the twilight sky

How can you ask, when the answer is why?

Once spoke my Lord from on high

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


How the hell are we to make it, pulled and tested like fish at market

Teased and offered, full of thoughts, desires and weakness, desperate plots

Wanting all we’ll never have, having much we’ll never want

Yet always on the look for one, one sure thing for which to run

Seldom happy, not near enough, not as often, imperfect touch

Not half as pretty, nor as soft, not slim nor firm, at half the cost

Not as white nor not as brown, not as tight nor not as round

Without excitement, void of glee, bland of sight, for you or me

Far too small or far too large, not from dreams nor formed for arms

Years too old, a bit too young, skinny lips or pointless tongue

Too round in back, or round less, flat, sickly soft or painfully rough

Moves too fast or far to slow, to fill our empty, lustful cups

Not as long nor firm and stiff, not as thick, nor dearly rich

Without the strength or weakened guilt to lie beside or push to hilt

Void of words, we need to hear, the lovers sounds we hold so dear

Just filled with love for me and you, yet still it seems we hide, untrue

Loves too hard, feels not at all, clings to tight or lets us fall

Angels kisses, slags forced dip, whores best hand or absent trick

Still not enough to fill what’s blank never, nothing, tops that tank

To make us happy, give us chills, to be as good as dreaming thrills

Forever holding lovers tight, never straying, breathless nights

Can somehow, someone makes it right, keeps us from our midnight frights

When the love we have we trade for what, what only lives in dreams, or flight?

Till Lord he comes and makes it right, Oh God I hope I see that night

Had you not lived in my poor skin, I’d tell you Lord, where tempts begin

My mind knows just the thing I want, my flesh the world forever tempts

I’m weak and tired and don’t know if, I’ll ever be, worth half the gift

So Lord I ask, please tell me this, do I deserve the love you give

The one I love for me is right, for it’s not her that makes me slight

But greedy me in daydreams cup, sloshing round to find my sup

To grasp at what I do not hold, let her go for daydreams gold

Oh God I ask you, please I must, Just let me love, but one…till dusk

(c)2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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