Losing Weight Must Start In The Mind Or It Has No Chance Of Success

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Everyone is aware of how to lose weight, correct? Just consume less and work out more. In fact, that is an accurate statement. Why then are people not losing pounds no matter what programs they try?  The answer is they fall short mentally first which causes them to fall short physically.  There are few things that are harder to accomplish than losing weight. It is a lengthy journey that is not alway a positive and enjoyable one. This process can take a toll mentally if you are not prepared for it. Once the mental breakdown begins most people quit.

The weight loss program may be working with positive results but people quit because of the mental breakdown. This is a very important observation to make and the key reason people fall short to drop weight. Your mind then becomes your toughest obstacle to get over before you can lose weight. You must be mentally prepared for the fact that losing weight is a lifetime journey and not an immediate fix.

It is the small failures and steps backward that you must be prepared for first. If you are prepared for them to happen they will be less of a problem when they occur. The numbers on the scale will not go straight down without a few bumps. It is the classic two steps forward and one step back. The key is being able to see the progress in the long term. Not day by day.

There will be daily attacks, whether from yourself or society, that you will face. There is no escaping this. You may be doing great and losing weight, but there will always be someone skinnier, prettier, or more toned, that can make you think you are not succeeding. You must be able to compare your progress to yourself and resist the urge to compare yourself to others. 

Constantly remind yourself why you are trying to drop weight. You should be losing it for you and no one else. Other people can let you down, but if you stay focused on the goal for you, you can accomplish it. You must mentally become invulnerable to social stresses. You cannot control stresses applied to you by others, but you can control how you react to them.

Weight loss is multi-dimensional. It is the physical part that is actually the easiest. Your goal of losing weight can only start to fall apart when the most important dimension falls apart: your mind.  Remind yourself that it was because of your mindset that you gained weight in the first place, and it is your mindset that will help you drop it.

The last step in mental preparation is adjusting your self-image. A postitive self image is critical to losing weight. Without this you won’t be able to look at progress in a realistic way. You will focus on the negatives.

Your weight loss program can only begin once you have the foundation of a solid mindset. Without this proper attitude your plan is doomed from the start. With it the pounds will start flying off.

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