Is it Possible to Come up With Truly Unique Statement

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Many people like to quote known personalities from the past and present whenever they want to make a point. However, why should we not use our own words and even more importantly – Is it possible to come up with truly unique statements nowadays?

People usually argue that someone already said it better than they would. Though, I find this idea a bit intriguing. Of course, there is no doubt that they are right most of the time. After all, very few are real geniuses getting grasp of the things that no one else does or did in the past. And these people usually devote their thoughts and words to specific themes, like for example physics, music, etc.

However, there is a little problem with statements devoted to more general ideas. Thousands, maybe even millions of anonymous people around the globe get exactly the same ideas every day. Their statements regarding those ideas are often the same or even better than quotes some love that much. These commoners usually never heard the famous person’s statement. Often, they do not know that certain personality even existed. But, the quote is written down somewhere in a dusty book.

That being said, it is foolish to think that many people associated with certain statements were really the first ones to make them. They were just the first notable ones to say those words. I do not say they do not deserve the credit. However, my point is that even these famous statements are usually not truly unique. Some of them might be, but majority probably is not. It is important to consider that thought before you say unconditional yes as an answer for the initial question. I would rather say – Yes, it is possible to come up with truly unique statement, but it is very unlikely.


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