Web Designers Most Missed Design Elements

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Certain elements in web design can change the outcome of your business. Your website is your business identity, having a clean and professional design will give your visitors more trust in your website. You can always check web design pricing for help. Here are the most overlooked elements that you should consider when you are designing your website.

Yes that Image is Cool, but We Need Content

One big mistake for web developers is that they don’t understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you are putting text as images, not thinking about your header tags and having side content before body content could be affect your search engine ranking. This can keep you from getting traffic from search engines. Make space in your design for a good section of content.

Cascade Style Sheets / CSS

Please use CSS for your website design. If you still using tables for design you need to change. CSS is very easy and better to control your design on your website. With CSS you can do anything you want with your design down to the pixel.

Stop Changing your Navigation

Every page on your site should have the same navigation. Various changes in your navigation is bad web design. This can make your visitor get lost. Also the use of icons or pictures to represent where your navigation meaing can be bad. Text navigation with the help of icons can give your visitors a double certainty to where they are going.

Your Business Should Always have Contact Info

If you have a business, have a contact page so they can get a hold of you. Putting a business name, phone number, address and mailing address can give your visitors an extra push of trust to your business. Spammers looks for websites that have contact@webpage.com, make it more unique. Some spammers don’t look for specific emails, they will just send out contact@businessnames.com and most likely get a good success rate.

Put Business Name After Page Title

Having unique page titles can sperate your competion. If you want to increase your SEO, then you need to watch what you are placing in your page titles. You page title should include some keywords and quick pitch of what your page is about. Don’t use up your page title space for you business name, put some keywords and relative content in there instead. Put something that describes your page and then your business name after your keywords.

Visitors and Search Engines Love Site Maps

People do get lost on every website, giving them a sitemap to use will help them get back on track. But not only does it help your visitors it will help your search engine awareness. A site map for those who don’t know is a one page that includes all your pages with links to them.

Viewing Resolutions

For your layout, keep in mind that computer resolutions are changing every day and your website needs to be optimized for all of them. A website with a liquid layout will adjust itself depending on what the user has set for their resolution. For a quick tip, if you use Google Analytics you can see what resolutions your visitors are using when visiting your site.

Internet Browsers

When your ready to launch your site, take a minute and check it out in all the major web browsers. Of course you will always hear about how one is better than the other. But don’t count out the black sheep. There is no reason to excluded visitors or potential customers from your site.

There are more than just these different elements in web design, but these are some that seem to be not implemented as often. If you adjust your web design to meet some or all of these elements you might be able to take the lead from your competitor.


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