Hong, Goodnight-Poems

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Here I am once again, thinking of you and of me

Wondering why, forever confused, doubting myself all the way

Asking myself, if ever I shall, be half of the man I should be

In just a few days, together we’ll be,

To start a new life, with all of its strife

Only you, your daughter and me

I know what I am, all that you haven’t seen

And each day I fear, I tremble and moan

Afraid of what comes and all of what is soon to be

I fear you will find, in my soul when it’s bare

All the ugly I hide, tucked safely away

From the love that you hope we can share

Will I ever be who you want to see?

Can ever I please, comfort and hold

Knowing all, that I shall never be

For you I would die, give blood and my life

Give everything that I’ve ever been

To have you as mine, forever in life, you my sweet loving wife

If only I could, have but one single wish

With no other wants and no other gifts

All I that I’d ask, for ever to last, would be you…with a smile and a kiss.

© 2020 Tim Wilkinson/Wayne Wilks

Goodnight My Love

Hot moist breath across a face, crimson, snow, satin lace

Humid, cleaving, dampness builds, heads tilt slight, parched lips fullfilled

Smooth and cool the fingers find, sallow, silken, flesh divine

In silent rapt thus two lay joined, whispers soft, taunt fingers twined

In passions wake the lovers lie, tranquil darkness, breathless sigh

Knee to knee in nest they pose, each the others, spent cry and throe

Eyes closed tight see not the lies, nor words unspoken, sever passions ties

Once so urgent, now at ease, teased and coaxed till bursting please

Shadowed eve, dim candled light, two once young to each cling tight

Flush and calm, the gift of night, cedes pounding hearts, youths thrusting might

As hunger feeds in urgent need, so spent and sated, silence, breathes

Not words, nor thoughts, nor taboos guilt, can yet disturb all calm has built

As two true lovers, passions spilt, cool the glow in midnights quilt

Western leather, Chinese Silk

(c)2011 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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