Tom Challan Review: Will His Methods Work For You?

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What will you get out of this Tom Challan Review?  You’re going to see if Tom Challan is a guru that you should be following, and if you can easily duplicate his results.  Is he the real deal, or a fraud?

Any Tom Challan review has to include that he is one of the industry’s premier recruiters on the telephone.  When he first began 17 years ago, he took the industry by storm.  He earned millions of dollars and set records for his recruiting efforts.

However, he burned himself out because he was working so hard every single day.  It seems that MLM success comes with a price, right?  Well, not necessarily, as Tom proved later on.

When he got back in the game after a little time off, he decided he wanted success, but not at the cost of giving up his entire life. 

Now, Tom Challan works 10 hours a week, and earns a very large residual income.

But, is this realistic for you?  I would say yes, but not in the immediate future.  Tom is a fantastic teacher, using conference calls and fantastic emails to educate his list on how to recruit more people into your MLM.  But, his almost 2 decades of experience and hard work allows him the luxury of working 10 hours a week.

What I personally like about Tom Challan is that he is very simple to understand and follow.  There isn’t anything magical about what he does, and he is able to break it down so that you and I can do it, too.

Tom Challan, unlike other “gurus” out there, actually gets down in the trenches and recruits like crazy into his MLM.  Other gurus sell you products about how to recruit, but they’ve never done it themselves. 

In other words, this Tom Challan review would dub him the real deal, and someone that can help you learn the ins and outs of recruiting.  He’ll teach you how to sponsor people in your spare time, and make it seem easy as pie.

However, even if he can teach you how to recruit, it’s still essential to generate high-quality leads consistently so that you can have people to close!

Hope, this Tom Challan review helps you understand if you should follow him into the future!

Erin is a lead generation expert who has taught hundreds of people how to generate leads for their business.  If you want to learn how to generate 30+ leads a day for free, visit Erin Smith’s MLM Secrets.


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