Lost, Poem

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I lost it once when I was young, so very long ago

So many years have come and gone, when last I saw it so

I knew I had it with me once, I remember it quite well

Or am I only wishing, for things not found in hell?

At mothers breast it clung with me, needful firm and tight

In fathers hand it held my own and smiled at all twas right

It used to walk with me to school, in springtime’s tender light

It laid its head beside my own, on winter’s chilly nights

Its laughter rolled the same those days, in awe and wonderment

As flowers bloomed, kittens purred and puppies slathered licks

It pressed itself beside my own, to lover’s supple lips

And tasted same as I that day, first youthful passions kiss

Then one day as mother fled and father found new beds

As lovers left and youth was spent, It cried within my head

And in the night it blew away, or ran or flew or hopped

It left me there, just me alone, while it, it never stopped

I looked for it, I searched and dug, for oh so many years

I traveled far and chased it down through pains and toils and tears

I searched for it in bottles, of whisky then of scotch

I poked about and peered inside, of beers and buttered schnapps

I looked for it potions mixed, in drugs both shot and smoked

In powders white and poisons red, my life designed to choke

I sought for it in fair young breasts, both tender firm and soft

I sought it in their golden hairs and those of blackened locks

In leg and thigh, with silken flesh, with tummies flat as rocks

I opened them and slid inside and stopped the tick of clocks

I searched for it in youthful lips, in passions sighs and looks

In emerald eyes and fervent cries, on screens, in tapes and books

I sought for it in lies and tales, so flattering to hear

Yet meaning nothing, less than naught, when each they called me, dear

I looked for it in foreign lands on peaks and mountaintops

Where all is white but rocks that crop, through snow and winters frost

I searched throughout the jungles damp and lands so dry and hot

From ocean shores to island whores, where girls, they wear no tops

I sought within the bards chagrin and plays of Lancelot

Of Shakespeare’s fame and lion’s game, and cast the lots I bought

I looked to stage of ballets sage and opera songs aloft

I watched them dance and sing their songs, of pain and death and rot

Yet found it not, no matter what, regardless what I did

For it was gone and once it left, from me it always hid

Then one day, the time it came, when yes I had to die

To tumble down, right through the ground, to where I now do lie

Then I saw my Lord again and heard him ask me why

Why had I been just looking so, through wind and earth and sky

Of course my Lord he knew quite well, but wanted me to test

To see if I had seen or learned, just what in life is best

When I told him, what I’d lost and why I lived to cry

He told me thus, right then and there, this about my life

My son you never lost it, it just sort of slipped away

Or better yet your soul forgot, just where it did then lay

No, my son you lost it not, yet gave it all away

When first you forgot just how to love and why the children play

For in your heart the tears and pain, grown larger every day

Turned to stone and rusted steel, what once was formed of clay

Yet see my son, I’ve kept it safe, for you both clean and free

So if you will, please come with me, I’ll show you what you seek

So then my Lord he took me, to quite a wondrous place

Where all must pass and all must see, if born of human race

As he turned to face my fear, his smile so warmly felt

A tear did roll from off his cheek, while all the angels knelt

Welcome home my lonely boy, Oh you I’ve sorely missed

While opening just one hand and giving me a kiss

For there within his strong wide palm, beside the scar it cost

He held for me just what I sought, what once I’d thought I lost

Then once again, I saw the sky with wonder and with glee

Just as my Lord, he held it up, so pure and clean of sheen

There it hung before my eyes, just as I knew it once

Shimmering like angels wings, in heavens candle light

So shiny clear and fresh it was, sparkling clean and bright

Same as when I’d lost it then, that lone and dreary night

In the end, he held it out, again for naught but free

Then placed it back within my hands, so once again I’d be

The loving boy I was before…when innocence lived in me

A child once more, running off, to splash within the sea

The End

© 2010, Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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