How Mlm Marketing Funnel Mastery Is Key To 7 Figures

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Have you ever seen a 7 figure earner who didn’t have complete marketing funnel mastery?  I don’t know about you, but one of the big reasons they make so much money is because they have beautifully crafted funnels that convert.

They’ve tested over and over again, with offers placed in strategic spots to earn the maximum amount of income.

So, if you can learn marketing funnel mastery, it stands to reason that you’re MLM business will explode over the next few months.

Take a look at how 97% of marketers out there promote their MLM.  First, they go around and annoy as many people as possible with their link.  They don’t even try to build a relationship.

Then, the link takes the “prospect” (suspect?) to their MLM’s capture page.

How is this expected to work?

Think about any successful company that you know.  They are AMAZING at building relationships with their customers.  For example, you go to your mechanic because you have a relationship with him.  You go to the same grocery store because you trust them, their prices, and their service.

Why would anyone want to begin an online business with someone who just annoyed them by sending them a link?

People who spam with links simply don’t understand marketing funnel mastery.

Let’s look at how it should be done.

First, you build a relationship with a prospect by using ads that provide free value.  When they click on the ad, they go to a capture page where they have the opportunity to give you their information for a free product.

Doesn’t that immediately build more trust?  They’ve elected to get your free product.  Then, you can sell them a low-priced item that you’ve created. 

Next, you show them your MLM.

So, everyone who looks at your MLM has already gotten a free product, purchased a product you created, and is now receiving emails from you via your autoresponder.  Does that sound like a better way to run a business?  That’s marketing funnel mastery.

Now, even if it takes a few weeks for you to learn and implement marketing funnel mastery, it is the only way to build a lasting, thriving online business!

Erin has taught MLM Marketing Funnel Mastery to hundreds of people to help them generate leads for their business.  If you want to learn how to generate 30+ leads a day for free, visit Erin Smith’s MLM Secrets.


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