Cash Gifting Success With Free Traffic?

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Cash Gifting Success With Free Traffic

 Yes, you can use FREE traffic to generate $200-$400 daily with your cash gifting program.  The key is to know which FREE advertising methods actually work. This takes time and studying blogs, forums, articles, etc… 

 There are many free advertising methods & techniques that my team and myself use to generate quality FREE traffic to our cash gifting program website.

 Here are a few of my favorite cash gifting traffic getting secrets…

Write Articles

 Write at least 3-5 daily cash gifting articles with at least 300 words in length. Use your researched keyword at least 3-4 times throughout the body of your article that you write and this should provide you with a decent chance of getting on page one of the major search engines in a very short amount of time, usually just a few days.

 Always provide some type of value to your reading audience. Make certain that you write about how you can help others out in some way and not about your business opportunity or one of your business products.  This is key to long-term success. 

Focus On Forums

 Another free advertising secret that really works that I have been using to market my cash gifting is forums.

 Look for about a half dozen forums or so with a fair amount of traffic flow and be certain the forum has an emphasis on the home-based business/work from home industry. Take about 60 minutes a day rotating between the various forums and leave a reply and then create your own topics and threads.

 When you are out there do postings on various forums, be certain you have your signature filled out. This is the location where you place your website for other people to see, visit and post on.

Video Is King

 Video marketing for cash gifting will generate some quality traffic and leads. It is free and you can actually get yourself branded, which is very important online. 

Just like articles, if you optimize correctly, you will be able to have your videos placed on page one of all the major search engines out there in a very short amount of time, as this usually only takes a couple of days.

 All you need is a decent web cam and between 5 – 10 minutes to record each video.  I went out and bought one from wal-mart for $30 and some change. 

 You can use youtube, metcafe, dailymotion, and others to generate tons of quality traffic to your cash gifting website.  Youtube is by far the best!

One video marketing tool that I use to save alot of time uploading my video is

These are definitely the top 3 methods I would recommend if you want to generate cash gifting leads for our program.  If you don’t have alot of money for marketing, then you should be using these 3 methods daily.  Each one works great, but if you combine all 3 and use them together, you will see a substantial increase in traffic to your cash gifting website.

To Your Success,

Rob Sevilla


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