Folksonomy And Tagging

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When you go to your facebook photos you can very easily “tag” other people in the photos, when you write a blog post you put down the “labels” or “tags” to the post, in i-photos there is photo recognition technology – what is the common thing here?

Absolutely right! Tagging is like a filing system for the internet. It clusters and groups certain items together because of different characteristics. It could either be pictures of one person together or pictures of a certain place together or articles on a certain topic together.

Tags are very simply like keywords to group things by category names. Tags can be created so that others can find your shared material. Example – when i put the word “tagging” in the tags for this blog post, and if anyone on internet searches for the word “tagging” in the content, this article should be one in the list. This is how others find my content.

When we write something on a website or upload a photo or video, we can use tags to describe the item. Example – a photo of a friend at Niagra falls could be tagged this way – judy, niagra falls, toronto, canada, waterfalls.

We can use the tags or keywords to find the content that is useful for us. When you go to google, you are infact using tags or keywords to find blogs, photos, websites, books, documents, movies, songs or videos. An example of a few sites that use tags are:

  • Flickr

  • Youtube

  • Blogger

  • Gmail

  • Facebook

Folksonomy is the science of tagging. The way we use tags, the system of classification based on collaboratively creating and managing tags is called folksonomy. Some sites feature tag clouds as a way to display tags used in folksonomy.

A commonly asked question is why the hell are tags so important?

For starters, tags give you the power to classify your content in the way you want. They also at the same time, classify your content so that people who are looking for the information can find it.


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