Creating a Pink Princess Bedroom

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Bedding– When purchasing bedding remember to stay away from bedding that has prints of characters, your child will likely want to change this bedding as soon as they move on to the next character. Instead choose bedding with a pattern or a solid pink color.
Window Treatments – Curtains are an easy item to change out when your child gets older, so here is one area where you can get a little for creative.
Area Rugs Floor tile squares are a very durable, inexpensive way to create a beautiful floor covering for your child’s room. Tile squares are easy to clean and replace if nessesary.


  • Bed – A canopy bed creates a magical, fairytale story like image into this little girl’s princess room.
  • Dresser – You can use the dressers that you already have, just paint them white and swap the hardware you have for something for ornate.
  • Night Stand – To save money, use the night stand that you have or find a simple one at a yard sale, paint it white and add the same hardware that you have added to the dresser.

Wall Color – Pastels are perfect for a little girl’s room, they keep everything in the room young and light. Pinks, light purples, and light yellows are all great choices.

Accent Pieces – Use accent pieces to complete the princess theme, since they are the easiest items in the room to change later on. Include her favorite princesses, items with unicorns, ponies, etc.


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