How to Choose a Hello Kitty Game to Buy

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Step 1: Try the game out. The fastest way to know if you like something is to try it out, so try a Hello Kitty game out, then another, then another, then another until you’ve found the one you like or want to purchase as a gift.

Start by determining the system you want to buy the Hello Kitty game for. This could be the Nintendo DS, PC, Mac, Nintendo Gamecube, or Nintendo Wii. Once you’ve determined the system you want to buy for, your choices narrow nicely. Go to a video game rental store or website and ask what the latest Hello Kitty games they carry are. This will narrow your choices further. If you’re purchasing the game as a gift, you can skip all this and just ask the person discreetly what game they would like.

A few Hello Kitty games that might come up in your search include: Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams for DS, Hello Kitty Seasons for Wii, Hello Kitty Party for DS, Hello Kitty: Bubblegum Girlfriends for Mac and PC, Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures for DS, Hello Kitty Online Premium for PC, Hello Kitty Dream Carnival for PC, Hello Kitty Roller Rescue for Gamecube, Hello Kitty Daily for DS, and Hello Kitty Cutie World for PC.

A note of caution about Hello Kitty Dream Carnival — it doesn’t work on Windows Vista and may not work on later versions of Windows either. You’ll need Windows XP.

Step 2: Search online for reviews of Hello Kitty games and the Hello Kitty game you have in mind to make sure it’s all you want it to be. With the overwhelming number of Hello Kitty games available, and especially if you’re renting online, reading reviews will definitely help you narrow your choices and choose a game to rent or even buy.

Step 3: Buy the Hello Kitty game and enjoy. With renting and research combined, you should have enough information and experience to be certain you have a game you like. And with discreetly asking the person what game they want, you’ll also be certain to get the game they want. You can even take them through this process (at least the renting of games) to see if they’ll really like the game once you buy it for them. It could even be part of the gift.

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