The Well And Tiny Pieces, Poetry

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The Well

The well is deep, cold and dark

Aged and crumbling, dank and damp

Hidden deep in the woods, near to your camp

Silent for now, but destined to start

It’s secretes entombed, revealed to your heart

Millennia have past and ages gone by

The mysteries revealed, now lost and unknown

Evils committed now staining the stone

With ancient fires lighting the sky

With powers of evil, unbound and untied

Dark shadows emerge, from the bowels of the earth

To live and to feed, to rule and be praised

To inhabit a world were dead shall be raised

Their time is right now, from death until birth

To creep from the well, spread evil and curse.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1989-2009

Tiny Pieces


Men have lived more primitively than I,

In cave and cleft and mountain high,

Yet upon my word I must declare,

From monkeys paw we rise?

Of certain Satan’s most lofty lie

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2009 


Avenues of life, streets of strife.

Byways and highways, and curbs by the way

Angle white blurbs, and lines as their words.

Roads that begin then quickly dead end.

We whine through the turns and lean too far in,

Pausing within, beginning to end.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1976-2009 


The love of life has no reason.

The love of God has no ending.

But the love of you has me puzzled!

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1989-2009 

River Stones

The roughest stones in rivers wash,

In sand and foam and gravel toss.

Not till jeweled, polished and brightly sheen,

Are crystals clear and purely seen.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2009 

The Love of a Woman

The love of a woman is like life,

For all men possess it. 

Like death,

For it conquers all men. 

And like eternity,

For it engulfs all men. 

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1977-2009 

The Sentinel

With stones oft colossal of granite and of marble,

With tales and with memories,

They stand yet tomorrow.

With eagles of bronze up high on a perch,

Symbols of might,

In quest of a search.

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1976-2009 


Don’t be afraid to wish

Whether dream or reality

A wish is but this

The ability to live with mortality 

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 1975-2009 


Love is like war

Both center around winning what belongs to another

Taking that which can only be given

Possessing that which can’t be kept

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2010

In freedom do we laugh and sing upon our prisons throne


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