The Night Train-Poem

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The midnight train to Marrakech

Night Train

The midnight train to Marrakech

With wonder, love, and lies and death

It speeds along and flees ahead

Filled with those alive and dead

With eyes alert and nerves all tense

Evade, escape from whom from whence?

Seen by none, not loon nor lark

He jumps the rails in shadows dark

Assassins lurk and hawk their wares

While he alone is left to care

Soon all but one lies cold in rot

In secrete ploy and deadly plot

In crowded isle, he caught her eye

As blush and wink did saunter by

Follow me was all she spoke

When first he saw her weapon cloaked

Once safely hid with curtains drawn

Assassins once, are now the pawns

Their eyes exchanged what both had known

In sleeping berth, away, alone

With ashen skin and eyes of night

She smiled at him and twinkled bright

She talked with him and held him tight

And filled his dreams and hopes that night

In bitter cold and night’s great chill

She lay with him in tender thrill

The curtains swayed, with breaths did part

As bodies touch and passion starts

Ruby lips and skin so brown

Firm and soft, and subtly round

With pinkest tongue and kisses fresh

She gives to him her tawny flesh

Hair of midnight, eyes of gall

Is love inside, or there at all

Skin of tanned and marbled granite

Flesh of angels gift of God

The cold night moved on into the morn

As new day dawned, a love was born

With gentle sighs and urgent moans

She gives her love and mounts her throne

In dusky hues of heavens dawn

She lay with him and gave her calm

She sighed and called his simple name

With passions tones and lovers pains

The dawn found birth with him still there

Awake alone and wondering where

For she had fled his treasure flown

He’d lost his love, his love unknown

For sixty years he stalked that train

Hoping, searching in fog and rain

To find the love he’d found there then

That night that past that where and when

She’d saved his life and shared her love

With loving arms and sweetest touch

Then took his soul and cursed his mind

To ever search and never find.

The midnight train to Marrakesh

With wonder, love, and lies and death

It speeds along and flees ahead

Void of all, alive or dead

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson/Wayne Wilks


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