Healthy Living

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Healthy Living 

We see and try to meet the needs of people in a healthy lifestyle and high quality products. 
Healthy Eating 

Healthy eating has always been and remains a priority in our company. Even in the early XX century Unilever was one of the first people started to add vitamins to margarine produced to increase its beneficial properties and food value. Our company was also first used the scientific discovery that certain foods can help lower blood cholesterol levels. 

Just as in the past, these days we try to keep abreast of all recent research on nutrition and healthy lifestyles. This helps us create more healthy products that meet the taste and lifestyle of modern consumers. 

Our expertise and research in nutrition are recognized worldwide. Thanks to them, and our production capabilities and skills of marketing, Unilever is a unique company, which creates delicious, convenient and healthy products. 

Every day we learn more and more new things about health and nutrition. We focus on the results of recent research on useful properties of certain ingredients and use them to improve the quality and improvement of our products. Creating and developing our brands, we also can reduce the content of such ingredients as sugar, salt and saturated fat. 
Benefits of healthy lifestyle 

We do not just make and sell food. Working with research centers and laboratories to study the healthy lifestyle and such international organizations as UNICEF, World Health Organization (WHO), we help raise awareness about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

We see a growing need for people in a healthy lifestyle, great product range, its high quality and diversity. Striving to meet these needs, we help people feel great, look good and get more out of life.



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