It is Clear That in Real Life, All Four Components

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The scope of physical health include such factors as individual characteristics of the anatomical structure of the body, the course of physiological functions in various conditions of rest, movement, environment, genetic heritage of the physical development of organs and body systems. 

The scope of mental health services include individual characteristics of mental processes and characteristics of people, such as excitement, emotion, sensitivity. Mental life consists of individual needs, interests, motives, incentives, options, goals, uyav and feelings of others. Mental health is connected with peculiarities of thinking, character and abilities. All these factors determine the components and features of individual reactions to similar life situations, the probability of stress and heat of passion. 

Spiritual health depends on the personality of the spiritual world, including components of spiritual culture of mankind – education, science, art, religion and ethics. The consciousness of people, their mentality, life identification, attitude to the meaning of life, assessment of their abilities and capabilities in the context of their ideals and faith – all this causes the state of spiritual health of the individual. 

Social health is due to economic factors, relationships with individual structural units of society – his family, organizations that create social ties, work, leisure, lifestyle, social protection, health care, safety, etc. exist. Affect inter-ethnic relations, the significance of the difference in earnings of different social strata, the level of material production, equipment and technology, their contradictory effects on health in general. These factors and elements create a sense of social security (or insecurity), which significantly affects the health of humans. The general form of social health deterministic nature and level of the main areas of public life in a particular environment – economic, political, social, spiritual. 

It is clear that in real life, all four components – social, spiritual, physical, mental, and act simultaneously and their integrated impact determines the state of human health as a holistic complex phenomenon. 

The concept of health conditions. The basic prerequisites of health attributed by eight factors: peace, shelter, social justice, education, nutrition, income, stable ecosystem, sustainable resources. Those conditions, the presence (absence failure) which in whole or in part was to identify possible means of questioning, reflecting the relevant indicators. 

Peace. The concept of peace is understood is the absence of war in the country. Obviously, the absence of peaceful relations in the family, conflicts with surrounding neighbors, at work, where the man, the existence of conflicts in the community or between communities (ethnic, confessional) significantly affect all components of health – physical, mental, spiritual, social, . 

A roof over your head. The concept of shelter more than the existence of any home. A certain level of living conditions, stability of property relationships, the presence of other factors that create a feeling of confidence in the future to protect personal property from possible troubles of natural or social origin. An important strength of social institutions, which are providing a sense of identity and security of property (law enforcement, disasters, emergencies, etc.).



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