Paisalive-Earn Money by Reading Mails

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Earn Money By Reading Mails-Paisalive

Hi friends….Earn money by reading mails.It seems like….i dnt knw,so this is not a new thing in making money online.I will tell u others also bt now this Paisalive is a unique concept in which you login to your PaisaLive Account every day, check your Paisa Pay emails sent by advertisers and earn money. They DO NOT send promotional email to your email accounts. We have to visit daily to check your paid emails.

Some unique features are listed below:

  • *Rs. 99 instantly just for joining
  • *Up to Rs. 50 for first 2  friends you refer to and Rs 2 for each referral afterwards
  • *Up to Rs. 5 for each Paisa Pay email that you check. usually the rate varies between 10 paisa – 50 paisa
  • *Rs. 5 for verifying your mobile number.
  • *Up to Rs. 1 everyday when you login to your account daily.
  • *Special campaigns fetch you up to Rs. 2500 for single action.



Payment is done via cheque to address listed on profile. 
There is option for updating the address.
Cheque will be processed within 15 Days from the date of withdrawal request. offers flexibility of the amount to be withdrawn.
The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is Rs 500.If u think its a joke or spam then here is the company proof


What should you do for


You need to login to your account everyday and check the sponsored emails that were send to Inbox.
 Other than this, to earn upto Rs. 2 per referral, you should invite your friends to 
Kindly note to create a unique id for this site as you might need to join few campaigns. 
Usually they will suspend your account if you are not active for 30 days.



I have also joined this,so i m writing this in my blog.I joined one day ago,NOW I HAVE 200RS. in my account so lets see how much i can earn and will get.



The only  i find about is that no. of pay emails we receive daily is less than 20 . How ever when site goes popular hopefully the no of emails will also increase .  As days pass by i can see a increase in no of emails receiving . Anyways it wont take you more than  10-20 mins daily . Referrals make you earn more . No of refferals is unlimited.If u want to join u can join it from here


One important thing-U have to click on the ads in the mail then only u will earn.U will not get money just by reading it.


I don’t have any experience in making money online so would not advice u any other site.I have joined many sites,when i will get payment from them then i will definitely recommend u.

If u need any info u can comment ………have a nice day.



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