How to Buy Something at The Hello Kitty Shop

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Step 1: Do a Google search for Sanrio Store locator to see if you’re nearby, and if you’re not, read on and learn how to use the web to buy something at the Hello Kitty shop.

Step 2: The next step in finding a great Hello Kitty item is to go to and then click on “shop” or one of the banner advertisements to take you directly to the store part of the site.

Step 3: Now that you’re in the Hello Kitty shop, search for products according to category along the top and left bars if you have something general in mind, or you can search for a specific item in the search bar near the top of the site if you’re looking for something specific.

Just a few categories in the Hello Kitty shop include popular items, holiday items, apparel, bags, jewelry, school and office supplies, home items, plush characters, and more. Along the top bar you’ll find more unique categories such as new and best sellers, designer collections, and Japan exclusives. If you’ve come to the Hello Kitty shop looking for a gift for someone, good places to start your search include the new & best sellers section and gift ideas section of the Hello Kitty shop.

Step 4: After you’ve completed your search, found what you want, and added it to your cart, click on the shopping cart to view what you’ve gathered and go through the checkout process.

One cute and convenient way to pay for future transactions is the Hello Kitty Visa credit card. It offers WorldPoints that can be redeemed for a variety of items, including cash rewards. At the time of this writing, you also get a free gift with a purchase of any item anywhere over a certain amount of money. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait to be approved so you can’t pay for this transaction with the card unless you have time to wait.

A few ideas for using your card include using it just for this shop for gifts, or setting a budget on the card and using it for yours or your kids/friends/wife/husband/etc. birthdays and holidays. Whatever you choose, enjoy shopping and paying for stuff (especially Hello Kitty) with a credit card that is covered in Hello Kitty.

Step 5: Wait for your item to arrive. Now that you’ve bought the perfect Hello Kitty item, wait for it to arrive. If you’re really impatient, make sure you choose a fast shipping method. Regardless, if you or whoever you bought your item for loves Hello Kitty, you or they are going to love what you bought =^.^=

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