Will My Child Be Taunted Because Of His Vegan Diet

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Absolutely not.  Unlike adults, children don’t tend to be so judgemental and are instead rather accepting of the differences between them.  I’ve raised two healthy vegan children and have not once witnessed their vegan diet in anyway compromising the quality of their life or relationships.  Sure, meat-eating children at times ask them about what they’re eating.  However, the inquiry is inquisitive not judgemental or mimicking.  In fact, often their friends are curious enough to want to try some of their vegan dishes and have consequently liked them every time.  So, there’s no need to worry and get stress out about how your child will deal with being a vegan when interacting with their meat-eating friends whether at school, play dates, social gatherings, or sleep overs.  Vegan children and those around them are just as adaptable in those settings as in any other.

Believe it or not, your vegan child will be more concerned with how you respond to those situations.  They follow your lead so if you immediately take offense to inquiries, then so will your child.  If you become defensive, then your child will wonder what is wrong with being vegan and start to question it and not be as confident about being so brave a soul.  On the other hand, if you eat a diverse, nutritious, plant-based array of foods and lead a happy, stress-free life where you care not about the opinions of others then so will your child.   Essentially, if they see you thrive from living this way, so will they and they will reap the benefits from doing so.  

Being healthy feels goods and enables us to maintain a healthy balanced life.  These are all the things that children, like adults, want in life and it just so happens that a vegan diet can provide all of these things.  So relax, lead by example and encourage your children to enjoy all the benefits of ethical eating and living. 

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