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What is Religion?

Religion is defined as “an organized set of beliefs”.  When you follow any organized set of beliefs you are a part of an organized relgion, whether you gather with others is simply a part of that organized religion that you choose not to follow.

The central belief of most religions is to better oneself. This can only be done by studying the appointed path of the religion that you belong too, and learning with others.  If you reject the gathering of believers, you are, in essence, rejecting a large part of your learning experience. In most religions, this would be termed disobedience to the path of spirituality and will stall the learners growth. 

While it is essential to choose the correct path, the beginning of spiritual knowledge begins with the first step. Making yourself familiar with the many different religions of the world is important. Religion should not be an emotional decision. It is a path more serious than any other in your natural life. Your entire purpose in life revolves around what path you choose.  There are only two paths in life, truth and lie. When you choose, or don’t choose a path, you have made a choice that will affect every moment of your life.

Choosing to follow the truth is the path of wisdom. Wisdom is not gained through idle study, chatter or rhetoric. Wisdom requires discipline and consistent work.  It is also not meant to be a drudgery. It is a choice to better oneself and the path of truth will give you the joy that you desire, and do not get from the desires that you seek in the world.

Are Worldy Desires a bad thing?

Worldy desires are two fold. While we are given the chance to enjoy the beauty of the world around us, the joy of sharing daily gatherings with people that encourage us, and the sheer exhiliration of the breath of life, this pales in comparison to finding the path of truth.

The path of truth will allow you to experience joy without regrets.  If you seek joy before the path of truth you are placing the desire of the world above truth, and you will experience regret.  An example of this would be someone that sleeps all day, eats a large meal, and then returns to sleep. That person is likely to feel digestive problems as well as unrestful sleep. Take the same person, allow them to exert themselves physically all day and feed them the same meal. That evening that person will sleep soundly and there body will be able to digest the food that they ate.


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