Powerful Browser-Based Game Platform Debuts On Bitwhirl.com

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ScyDev.ch has introduced a new powerful browser-based game platform on Bitwhirl.comthat allows creative minds to create any type of online game quickly and easily without technical stumbling blocks, according to Lukas Saegesser, ScyDev.ch’s owner and Chief Technological Officer.  As Mr. Saegesser explains, “Bit Whirl is a full-featured platform that allows you to build any type of game imaginable.  Using our game engine, you can create a full MMORPG fantasy world, a fast-paced shooter, a single player adventure story, or any other gaming style right in your browser.”  Mr. Saegesser explains that Bit Whirl’s server cloud and virtual world framework take care of all technological game basics like movement, interaction with objects and network communication, meaning that you can jump right in to the fun part of world-building. 

Registration on Bit Whirl is free and users can begin to develop their own virtual environments instantaneously. Because Bit Whirl utilizes a Flash client, it runs in 99% of browsers without any install necessary, and the interface is easy to use.  As it is also particularly suited to the creation of multiplayer games, it can be thought of as a multiplayer Flash game framework.  As Mr. Saegesser says, “Because the system was built to be multiplayer capable from the core, every map runs as a real virtual space on our servers.  This means that users can easily teleport from map to map and once they’re on the same map, they can interact with each other with clicks, chat and objects.” 

Similarly, Bit Whirl has made implementing creativity very easy for the game developer.  Mr Saegesser states, “Our server takes care of movement, collision detection and path finding for your characters so you can express your creativity without technical difficulty.  Creating objects in this world is incredibly simple.  You can start a new object with a single click, upload an image to represent it, and add a simple script to make it interactive.”

“Bitwhirl also welcomes users of Metaplace  who were disappointed when the service was discontinued,” Mr. Saegesser adds.  “With a few clicks you can start rebuilding what you lost here.” 

In addition, because Bit Whirl is Flash-based, your creations can be inserted quickly and easily into your own website so you can utilize and share them any way you like.  Game developers worldwide have found Bit Whirl to be a time and frustration saving tool and are enjoying having so many powerful tools at their fingertips.  To register for Bit Whirl, view demo worlds to get ideas for your own games, and to start exploring its myriad game building features, visit www.bitwhirl.com


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