Feeling Content on a January Day

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I’m determined no to hate this month quite as much as I do and came up with a list of ways that just might help. It started off with a few questions that I had to answer. Here goes…

~What would make your life better today if you could make one little change.

Answer… I would make it a PJ day. I love to lounge around in slippers and pjs… so that would make me feel a little more content with the day. And seeing that I’m not going anywhere today… it will work out quite nicely.

~ What is right about today?

Answer… The sky is blue and it isn’t snowing. That alone should make me feel better. I don’t have to go out and shovel the driveway. My heart goes out to everyone who is still digging out!

~ What can you dispose of today that you really don’t need anymore?

Answer: I’m into decluttering this year and I’m actually managing one thing a day! That should give you some clue as to how much stuff I have collected since moving into this house. Today into the trash goes a bottle of cleanser that I half used and it has to be over 5 years old. That is way to long to keep a product that actually touches your skin. From now on, I will only buy one product at a time and not buy its replacement until I actually need to.

~ What is someone else doing on your street to make their life a little bit easier or at least a little bit nicer??

Answer… All of the Christmas decorations have disappeared obviously but one house has actually begun to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I have no problem with that and I might go out and see if I can find a pretty wreath to replace the Christmas wreath that was hanging there.

So, that was just thinking off the top of my head… there’s probably lots more and all I have to do is start putting a few of them into practice. Here is to a very contented January for all of us!

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