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Hi all

You can earn $4 per 1000 downloads with filesin.com

Filesin.com advantages are:

  • All countries calculated

  • All file sizes calculated

  • All features for FREE — No premium accounts

  • Unlimited disk space per account

  • Unlimited parallel downloads for all free users

  • Affiliate program 25% of your referral earnings (permanently)

Payment limit $10
Payment through Moneybookers

My first payment proof:

Take a look at filesin.com here:

Good luck


  • You will get $0.004 for each Unique download. Redeemed cash will be transfered via Bank Transfere or Moneybookers once it reaches $10.

10000 unique downloads            earn $40

100000 unique downloads            earn $400

1000000 unique downloads            earn $4000

  • Calculated earnings for all countries and all sizes for files.

  • All free users (guests or members) can downoad unlimited files per day.

  • You must be a members to earn from your file downloads.

  • Only people knowing the exact download URL are able to download your file.

  • Your file will be deleted when it has not been accessed for more than 60 days or you use your delete option.

  • Select a file to send by clicking the “Browse” button. You can then select photos, audio, video, documents or anything else you want to send.

  • The maximum file size is 200 MB.You may choose whom you want to send a file to. If you submit your friends email addresses, Filesin will send the file to your friends. If you just want to get the link to your file stored on our server, simply copy the link and share with your friends.

Affiliate Program Per Click: you can earn by sharing your referral URL and get paid for every unique click, you will get paid $1 for every 1000 clicks.


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