Your February Bucket List

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Your February Bucket List

Make a list of everything that you and your special someone might like to do this month. Not only will it help to pass the month, it will bring the two of you closer together.

  1. Make him a special dessert. Brownies are quite popular in our household, but we seldom go to the work of making them from scratch. Not this month!!

  2. Spend an evening together… maybe watching a movie that would appeal to both of you… not just one of you! And while you are at it, you might pop some popcorn.

  3. Kind of on the same thread as number two, build a fire in the fireplace and curl up in front of it with a glass of wine. When was the last time the two of you did that??

  4. Go out on a date… our anniversary is in December and we TRY to celebrate the day, but with Christmas so close, there have been many years when we simply ran out of nights to go out… so a night in February might be the perfect answer.

  5. Talk about your future and what the both of you might like to see happen in the year that lies ahead.

  6. Play tourist in your own town. I can almost bet that there are places that you have never visited. Now is your chance.

  7. Is there something that you have always wanted to do but for one reason or another, the two of you put it off? This month, you are actually going to do that one special thing.

Those ideas occurred to me when I was having coffee this morning. I think that I just might like February quite a lot this year!

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