Once And One Boy, Poems

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Who I once was, where did he go

Why did he leave me, doesn’t he know

With each passing year and each passing snow

The harder it gets the faster I row

I once was so loving, so full of life

Once I loved everything, saw God in it all

I once saw a future, once believed in a life

Once had a lover, once had a wife

I once had a child, once had a daughter

Once loved her mother, once kissed her breasts

I once breathed the air, once lay down beside her

I once found my God, I once was not dead

© Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks 2009

One Boy 

When I was still a little boy, I felt like a boy should feel

I thought like a boy, dreamt like a boy, believing in one like you

I ran like a boy and played like a boy, felt shy and lonely too

I kissed like a boy, touched like a boy and loved as if all were new

Now I’m a man and I feel like a man, I make love like the man you knew

I kiss like a man, I give like a man and always I follow through

I take like a man, need like a man, needing all that I selfishly give

Yet never before, before being quite sure, that all of her body moves

I touch like a man, caress like a man and shiver like one should do

I give and I trust, I take and I thrust, as if all of it still were new

Yet even all grown, with all that I’ve known, I still feel like that boy did feel

I still think like that boy, dream like that boy, still believing in one like you

The more that I grow, the less that I know, about pleasing a girl, it’s true

For I don’t know why, however I try, your pleasure I can’t bring through

© 2010 Tim Wilkinson & Wayne Wilks


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