I Got Beautiful Pair Of Shoes For My Baby

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It is easy to understand that your baby’s first Nike is utterly adorable, but do you think they are necessary? As per most researches including the latest as well as the earlier ones babies didn’t actually require shoes till the time they are standing or are walking on their own. In fact it is very good even then, if you allow your little one to move around barefoot for as much as possible so that they are able to develop their balance and know how their toes work.

Even then, from the time they start walking standing or even moving around on their knees, you can get a pair of shoes for them. This will safeguard their feet from getting hurt. Now you have to decide the kind of shoes which is best for their delicate feet?

It is recommended by pediatricians to get soft shoes which move along with the foot of the baby. Make sure that the soles are non-skid to avert any falls, but also flexible so that they bend when the baby takes steps. Don’t buy high-tops, except for ones which are flexible and bend with the feet and ankle of the baby. It is best to get natural materials which breathe so that the baby’s feet don’t sweat and become uncomfortable.

It is vital that the baby’s first shoes fit properly and they should not pinch irritate or bind the feet. It is good to shop when you have a lot of time in hand so that your little one can roam in the shoe store with the shoe you want to buy. You can check the show while the baby is standing with the shoes to check if there is enough space between the heel of the baby and the shoe to let you slip a pencil inside easily. You must also untie and tie shoes a few times, in case you have decided on lace-up shoes, to ensure that you can tie the laces easily. In fact laces are not essential. There is a equal division in the view of experts on whether slip on shoes or tie shoes are better for the child and there is no clear winner. You can pick whichever you think is good. They both have their positives and negatives.

As the baby starts growing bigger and becomes more active, you will need to check the shoe for its fit a minimum of once in a month. You can think of purchasing new baby shoes in every 3 to 6 months, as that is the average development of the child and you have to be ready to get new shoes whenever they are worn out or the soles have cracked.


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