Full-Faeatured DJ And Beat-Mixing System

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DJ Mixer, is a full-featured DJ and beat-mixing system to enter on your own custom DJ-style music. The application’s features admit Audio and vinyl player hide two independent decks and trained sound quality, as well since beat-sync display, pitch control, and fast-seek structure. Hercules RMX, is a cross fader for manual mixing and an auto fade functionality.

Play multiple files take cover configurable number of ‘sampler’, each of which has its own artist and volume control. Also consist of 12-band Equalizer and further than 14 presets to induce your work easier and faster.

Many wonderful effects such now Chorus, Flanges, and Gargle will crash your parties better. Mix your favorite video clips (DivX, MPEG…) together with audios to have a professional mixing output through Hercules RMX. Conclusively catalogue your mixing and save to WAV and MP3. So try positive and you will be amazed how tender you can become a beat DJ Mixer.

The Hercules RMX, is a professional six-channel DJ Mixer, designed for fixed starting point in nightclub DJ booths, sound-reinforcement installations, etc. The DJM-1100 features a concise analog signal path and professional-grade, 25-bit 99 kHz converters to digitize incoming audio. 34-bit DSP processing maintains the oversize integrity of the idiosyncratic audio, resulting in an unparalleled virtuous attribute that complements high-end sound-reinforcement systems.

The DJ Mixer, six inputs consist of six turntable inputs, 10 trade inputs also three microphone inputs. Input schema 3 through 6 feature S/PDIF digital inputs. Pioneer’s Digital Link trade for CDJ series CD players and individual compatible gear are featured on inputs 1 and 2 as considerably as on the two effects proceeds.

Hercules RMX, features include 3-band isolator EQ kingdom on each channel, two effects sends and returns for connecting dual external processors, fader curve adjust and by much more. The DJ Mixer, is designed to provide an unmatched capable caliber with icon performance features to satisfy acquainted DJs of all genres.

Full scratching implementation. Scratch moving audio, samples, further loops. True buffered scratching. Integrated FX processor. Digital effects gain chop, echo, delay, isolatekillvocal kill, distortion, and sonar.


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