What Would You do to Change Your Worst Day?

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The worst day of your life might have been a blessing. No matter how bad life seems or how bad you take it, it could have been worse.

Life is full of mysterious adventure because none of us are in complete control and none of us can choose every circumstance that is involved in every minute of our lives. That is why careful and thoughtful planning comes in handy from the day we are able to think for ourselves until the day we no longer can think for ourselves.

I have heard life mentioned as a trip. You hold the ticket in your own hand and unless you have given a lot of thought about your trip, you may end up at the end of the road without a pass to move ahead. Why would you do that?

At a very early age we are given an education. Some will do as much and work as hard as possible to get that education while others will just slide by having fun and spending a lot of time on the playground. Where do we get our drive to do our best? It might begin with your parents, but ultimately, it is you who has to do the driving.

After we have taken all of the education we can stand, we go to work and again, we can stand at the water cooler talking about the football game or we can do a little extra work to enhance our position with the company that we work for. We have choices.

This scenario is important in all phases of our lives. Yes, I admit there are times we don’t know which way to turn and we can make wrong turns in life, but the entire trip is about the averages. Marriage is not excluded from this objective lesson in hard work and good decisions to get the most out of life. Get married too soon and you might miss the true love of your life, wait too long and the same thing could happen. Timing is important, but the key is still with the individual taking the trip.

Let’s end this trip with a good retirement. All your life you made those wonderful job decisions. Were they good? You might be able to tell by what kind of retirement picture you are facing. I retired from teaching, it is not a bad way to prepare for a future of relaxation, but as in every case, it is different and with differing requirements for different people, all wanting different things out of life.

My advice, start early, build a flexible plan, change only when you are certain that the alternative is better and don’t cry when you make mistakes. It’s your life, plan it, live it and don’t blame anyone but yourself if you get lost along the way.

Dr Robert E McGinnis

author of many fine books, beginning with “In Search Of Paradise”.


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