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Things You Must Know About A Home Lift

If you are considering installing a home lift for the ease and comfort of an elderly or disabled family member, then this article contains essential information that you need to know.

Home lifts assist the elderly or disabled in moving around a multi-storey house so they are not restricted to one floor. As well as easing the elderly and disabled, home lifts also enable you to move heavy loads between floors with ease.

“Through Floor lifts” are designed in such a way that they can carry a person and a wheelchair. The maximum operational floor to floor height is approx 3.5m. The installation of this type of lift is relatively simple and it can be completed in a matter of a couple of days. It travels from the ground floor to the first floor of a house or public building. This type of list has a slope built into it to allow easier entry and exit. This type of lift often comes with a remote control for ease of use.

For those with a lack of space, the ideal solution is to use the compact mobility home lift.  The minimum area that is required for installation of the shaft is 880mm by 1340mm. This type of lift usually has the capacity to carry two people with ease and the controls consist of a button panel inside the lift.  None of these lifts are particularly expensive and they provide great comfort and ease to elderly or disabled family members. This type of lift does not need to be fitted to a wall with heavy load bearing capabilities and the lifts are usually fitted with an alarm button and an emergency telephone for safety.

Always make sure that you take help and advice from professionals and, whenever possible, arrange a home visit to suggest which may be the best option for you and which type of lift would suit your needs and discuss the cost. Make sure that the people installing your lift are properly qualified and carry out any relevant safety tests.

Today, there are many different makes and suppliers of home lifts so you are sure to find one for your needs and within your budget. There are many mobility stores and websites where you can find out more information. 

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