Fiji Honeymoons

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Planning the wedding has clearly taken toll on you and yours and its time to get away from everything and everyone. Weddings are hectic and living through one definitely deserves a vacation to celebrate the success and usher in the new statuses. The honeymoon is what we love to call it and what flows into mind is a finding yourselves in a luxurious peaceful and romantic place where you will be able to get acquainted with each other even more. Fiji is an ideal place to go for your honeymoon owing to her beautiful islands. Fiji boasts of a large number of islands that stand at 332 and these are nothing but glamour and serenity.

Fiji honeymoons will not be complete without walking and basking on the sand of her two most famous islands: Vanua Levu and Viti Levu, which are the largest. Fiji offers a lovely tropical weather that makes her honeymoons the grandest ever in the south pacific. You will enjoy her warm climate that is alluring and accommodating not forgetting the blissful breezes. Here, you will be able to forget the wedding planning hustles as the mood is just right. The carefree bliss that sweeps across your forward once you set foot here is amazing. The nights experienced with Fiji honeymoons are nothing but pure romance and you and your partner will surely rekindle your love.

The lantern lit dinners on a floating ground will leave you asking for more. The lovely and peaceful waters will drift you away to your fantasies and the dim lighting will ignite the passions. This will bring you to a warm and comfortable room in one of Fiji’s exotic resorts where you will drift to dreamland in the comfortable beds. You will be glad to wake up to a warm tropical morning as the beautiful sun rays penetrate through your windowsills. The breakfast will be served in bed and you will have a choice to enjoy it in the restaurant as you get acquainted with the resort. There will be no better way to spend the morning than in the warm Fiji waters for that delicious swim. Later, you will be able to relax in one of those hammocks put up just for the two of you.

Fiji honeymoons could never run short of adventure and you and yours will be able to tour the islands on a horseback. This sounds more like a fairly tale but wait till you go windsurfing or scuba diving. You will want to be here forever if you could stay at the Turtle Islands just one more day sampling this heavenly beauty. Shopping will be a whole new experience in Fiji’s largest city, Suva, where you will shop till you drop. You will enjoy Fiji’s rich cuisine and top of range hospitality given by the hosts. Enjoy the first class treatment on the Fiji honeymoons as you sip on that champagne on one of her many sandy beaches. The tropical flowers will soothe you with their sweet fragrances and the Fiji people will entertain you with their traditional music. With Fiji honeymoons, it can only get better by the minute.


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