Ian Klein Dpm is Set to Coach The Tigers

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With a long history in sports, Ian Klein DPM is one of the best choices for coaching a team of young baseball players. Dr. Klein has played baseball, basketball, tennis and cricket during his teenage years. His awards just go to prove his excellence in each of these sports. However baseball has always been the closest to his heart, especially since he joined the team on his own rather than being asked by the coach to play.

The Tigers, a local teenage baseball team, have asked Ian Klein DPM to be their coach after their lead player, Sid Jones, suggested that they get some professional help. “The team isn’t bad at all, but there is no doubt that our game could do with some improvement. However, no one can afford the high charges of a professional baseball coach, which is why I suggested approaching Dr. Klein. I had met the doctor two years ago when I suffered from athlete’s foot and I saw the trophies he had in his office. When we asked him to coach us, he was very happy and promised to teach us all the tricks he knew. Even when we told him that we couldn’t pay him, he still wanted to train us.”

When asked about what he felt, Ian Klein DPM said, “You have no idea how happy and proud I felt when Sid and the boys asked me to coach them. It has been some time since I played baseball, and that is because I am either working or helping out around the community. However, by training the Tigers and helping them win the upcoming tournament, I can say that I am helping the kids get what they want the most. Plus, being a doctor, I can always ensure that their feet are in good health, which is so important in baseball.”

Everyone, from the parents to the kids themselves, are excited about the outcome of the training Ian Klein DPM has planned. The Tigers are training each day after school at the ground where they will soon face other teams. Plus, according to onlookers and many supporters, chances are that the team will win this year. Stacy Swanson, a Tigers fan, said, “I’ve never seen them play like professionals before. I really think Ian Klein DPM was a blessing because we now have the chance to win the tournament.”

So, thanks to Dr Ian Klein, the Tigers are in with a shot this year.


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