Finding a Discount Luxury Hotel For Less-For Far Less

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The last time you traveled, did you ever try out something called a private sale website to look for deals on hotel rooms? If you didn’t, do we ever have news for you. If you ever look up one of these websites, you keep getting their Reader’s Digest-like “special hand-picked” deals “just for you”. It’s enough to make you wonder if all of this is legitimate; can they really offer you a discount luxury hotel room for no more than the price of a regular room or less? Is it possible that it’s just a lot of bark and no bite? Actually, these are all bite, and the reason they seem a little given to the hyperbole is just that they’re so new, that they need a little bit of extra push to get a bit of recognition.

So what is a private sale website anyway? It’s pretty simple; hotels and their agents are often stuck with too much inventory; they have all these rooms they need to fill up, but they can’t go out and advertise a discount luxury hotel firesale for fear that they’ll just tarnish their reputation of exclusivity. And so, they go to the private sale sites.

Private sale websites are supposed to deal in cheap flights, cheap car rentals and everything else to do with travel by definition; in reality though, they usually only discount luxury hotel rooms, and luxury cruises too on rare occasion. Most require that you sign up for a free membership, and they’ll have their deals open for no longer than a day or two most times, and a week at most at any given time. Let’s look at a couple of the best private sale websites for what they offer you in discount luxury hotel brands.

JetSetter is a website that deals in high-end resorts, villas and luxury hotels. The Francfort Villa in Jamaica that usually costs around $2500, was going at a good $1000 less when I looked;  JetSetter’s prices were decidedly lower than what I found on Expedia. Tablet Hotels is one of the major players in the private sale industry, and a list of hundreds of luxury hotels. They had a New York City hotel for $130, down from $250 on the major travel sites. Sometimes, you’ll find that their deals aren’t all that great though. You have to make sure you check it out on a major mass-market travel website.

If you’re looking for a discount luxury hotel deal, a private sale site is a good choice; but there are other places to go. Websites like Hotwire or Priceline may often do just as well if you choose the hotels that aren’t very high-priced. Getting a great travel deal is all about trying new stuff, checking out new options. And  private sale websites are a great new option in today’s world of travel.


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