Mental Health is Fear-Based Mandatory Compliance by The Masses to Serve The Wealthy

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The mental health industry is moved by money. Lots of it. So much money in fact, that the Citizens Committee for Human Rights ( says the industry of mental health medicine per year is worth more than the economies of most countries total yearly gross national product (GNP). But whose money and why?

The money changes hands by force of law from the working class to the enforcers of conformity, who call themselves psychiatrists and their related accomplices, such as pharmacists, nurses, insurance agents, secretaries and transportation workers in the medical field. Medical care that is forced in this way is not only unwanted, but should be illegal; but instead, it is sold to people not wanting in the name of being in their “best interest” to accept it.

The poorest of the community, such as those on Social Security Income, are typically forced into the cruelest of treatment. For instance, according to CCHR, seniors right after they retire, are at a substantially higher risk for receiving free complimentary electro-convulsive therapy than the rest of the population. Electro-convulsive therapy, or ECT, is a quite efficient way for authorities to kill off those they do not like, including senior citizens, to try to reduce the burden on the social security system.

Other poor, like those who do not fit into society well, are deemed mentally ill on basis of noncompliance with customs and traditions of society at large. This group can work but not in rigidly adhered to rules and ordinances common with jobs requiring no advanced schooling. The educational system convinces society to not employ those who do not have degrees and certificates of achievement from colleges and universities.

Such a group, in my own experience, can write essays, program software using a compiler, and does occasional tutoring, but gets paid near or equal to minimum wage, although has been my experience is that I have been lucky to get jobs paying a third the minimum wage was per hour (San Francisco, CA). However, some jobs done on on-line auctions have paid as little as approximately 25 cents per hour after figuring the cost of payment processor, the auction listing and closing fees, along with 60 minutes or longer to do a job. Some work done was graphic design, logo design, web site promotion, and resume design services. After several years of this, services of this type have been withdrawn, and I am now looking to be employed by the government to help with education and labor related matters.

The economy is designed to reward those who inconvenience themselves, yet those with money write the rules to self-service their own interests, and deem everyone other than themselves as mentally ill. Those with power work to keep themselves and their friends in power and with more money flowing in.

During our housing crisis, not everyone is getting poorer. The poor are becoming more poor. The middle class are polarizing to extreme wealth or extreme poverty, while yesterdays rich are richer today than ever, except for a small few. Those small few of the rich who are getting poorer are generally refusing to participate in the corrupt system of forcing health care, forcing education and forcing into poverty the majority in an effort to get the masses to accept jobs for the rich that are generally dangerous, difficult, require long hours and are low paying.

Bill Gates is an example of a novel sponsor to numerous charities, giving away much of his wealth for the good of the world. Few of the wealthy are so noble and generous…

Mental health is all about forcing the sale of mind altering drugs on the population, when mental illness has not scientific or factual basis. Mental health is a business and media persuasion industry, one that reaps big profits from convincing the public that they are “broken” and need to be medicated, instead of acknowledging the failure of the educational system and overall economic system. If education and the economy were setup differently, say, for instance, the poor were given employment based on what they could be expected to do with a little training, instead of spending our nation’s energy testing, punishing and sorting people as commodities like cattle, we would create a better, more robust and happier economy and citizenry.


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