Find Out The Advantages And Disadvantages Yourself

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When someone asks “What are the advantages and disadvantages of yourselves?”, Many people who will think long, so even the length of all be a ‘blank’ and ultimately did not answer anything. Such questions may often appear when the job interviews, scholarship interviews, or when training for self-knowledge. Knowing yourself is tricky, because it’s easy unto yourselves, not others who may not be known. Difficult because some of us never know ‘who we are alone’. To know the advantages and disadvantages of self, we must first be able to appreciate ourselves. Think that every human being has its advantages and disadvantages of each. Maybe because they never appreciate ourselves, we often easier to see the lack of self, focus on lack of self is something that is not profitable.

Focus on what the advantages you, because there is a saying “the two sides of the hatchet” is one blunt and the other is sharp, which is easier on wheels to cut down trees? Yes, of course, sharp edges on the wheels will be easier and faster to be able to cut down trees, while the dull side will take longer to sharpen.

Similarly, the advantages and disadvantages of us, when we focus on the advantages that we have then we will be more easily honed to achieve what the objectives of our lives. So how can we know ourselves to excess and lack of it? There are several ways, of course, with the first way reflect and ask ourselves each, the latter of course can ask others who already know us.

Here are some things that could be a reference when we begin to assess the advantages and disadvantages of self:

   1. Prepare in advance a paper and stationery
2. Write your own name in the paper with large letters
3. Then fill the paper with the answers to the following statement:

    * Write the character / characters you have, if the confused can follow the guide example: select one of the following pairs of characters, quiet-talkative, emotionally unstable steady-emotional, hot-tempered, forgiving, bold-timid, logical thinking, intuitive thinking (feeling) , likes to ask, resigned. etc..
* Write the lack of yourselves, for this one you certainly will be easy to answer, as I said earlier that we are more often focus on the weaknesses / deficiencies themselves. Deficiency here can be associated with life goals / aspirations you have. For example: you aspire to be a news reporter, but you can not communicate well, have not mastered journalism, language skills are minimal, some of it could be a shortage of you.
* Write the advantages themselves, each of you, this is the hardest conjugation. To answer this question, first think about “What you can do and others can not necessarily do so”, or more easily if you have a benchmark, such as with siblings, friends, what you can and they can not do it. Example: you have singing talent, not necessarily your friend can, or you’re skilled at sewing, operate computers, or other unique things.

After you write down some of the above, think again, and keep in mind that these are the advantages and disadvantages of yourselves. Focus on the advantages unto yourselves for what is the purpose of life or your ambition is more easily achieved.


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