Canada And Travel

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To most international tourists, Canada and Travel seem to represent one and the same thing.  This simply means that a visit to Canada is incomplete if a tour to some of the beautiful cities and sites in the country is not taken. In addition to Toronto and Vancouver, which are the most popular cities especially to American tourists, other places worth consideration include Halifax and North Vancouver. Do not be mistaken though. Cities are not all that Canada has to offer. The country has a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing and water rafting, all which are bound to make your vacation worth remembering. If the winter climate is not your kind of weather however, make sure you schedule your visits to Canada during summer.

If you are a cultural tourist, hearing the words Canada and travel being used in the same sentence may acquire an extremely new meaning for you if you take a cultural tour in the country.  But if you think that Canada’s culture can be witnessed in a single vacation, then you need to be a bit more realistic. Simply put, the diversity in culture is too expansive that you would probably need six months to explore it to its entirety. Some of the cultural festivals to look forward to include the Calgary Stampede, the maple-syrup festival, and the lumber-jacking contest among others.  In each of these, you should expect to be entertained by the zealous and extraordinarily open Canadians.

Nature lovers will also have their fair share of memorable moments that will no doubt make them view the words Canada and travel in a completely new light. Since Canada is such a vast territory, it has a diverse terrain ranging from breathtaking glaciers to mammoth mountains. The terrain is however not comparable to the wildlife dotting it. It is almost certain that a nature tourist will see a polar bear, a grizzly bear, a moose or a humpback whale when on a Canadian tour.  The tour guides are very knowledgeable and you will no doubt have a fun-filled tour of the abundant terrain. During winter however, you may need to be more careful about your dressing because some parts of Canada are renowned for hostile cold weather.

A visit to Canada is however incomplete without tasting the different cuisines available in the country. Riding on the cultural diversity in the country, the cuisine is also fairly diverse. This is especially true in cities like Toronto where migrants have infused the cuisine with new and different delicacies. If you are used to tipping for good services back home, then be ready because the services in most hotels and restaurants in the country is just what an ordinary tourist would wish to receive everyday.

Finally, memories of Canada and travel need not exist in your mind only. Documenting the memories will not only allow you to share them with your family and friends, but will also be useful for future reference. As such, you will need to take a good camera with you.  You can be sure that you will treasure the memories of this breathtaking destination and therefore will need some photos to jog your memory every so often.


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