Platform Lifts

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 Platform Lifts are Available in a Huge Variety

If you are looking for a platform lift for use in your home, always make sure that it is purchased from a reputable supplier and also ensure that they offer maintenance and installation services. It is also a good idea to find out where you can purchase spare parts for your new lift in the event of any mechanical failure.

Platform Lifts allow elderly and disabled people to access upper floors of a home or public place with greater ease. The lifts can be customised as per the needs of the customer or the location. A platform lift is usually installed onto or next to a stairway. You may go for vertical, inclined or low rise platform lift according to your needs. There are many products available in this range, some of which are discussed below:

  • Gulliver Vertical Lift – It has 52 standard sizes with a maximum height of 15 metres and the platform is accessible from all the three sides.  It is best to be used in home and public buildings both and is a perfect combination of German Engineering and Italian design Its maximum lifting capacity is 400 kg and the minimum area to be required for the shaft is 800mm by 1150mm.  It has some additional features such as the alarm button, emergency lowering device, safety valve and the telephone.

  • Vector Vertical Lift – It is designed in a way that is in sync with today’s demands. A shaft, a machine room and a lift together form the vector vertical lift. The installation of this lift is very simple and does not require too many structural changes. The lifting capacity of Vector vertical lift is generally up to 410 kg which can be increased up to 500kg. The maximum height in which it can operate is 12m with an operating speed of 0.15m/s.

  • Supra inclined lift – It has innovative design with rounded shapes and soft colours along with high reliability and durability.  It has minimum impediments with fold away safety bars. High quality material is used in making Supra inclined lift to protect it from   rust. The uncovered surfaces are made up of anodised aluminium. It is an excellent product having modern designs and precise construction having a rail design making it quite suitable to be used in any environment.  The safety devices used in the Supra inclined lift are crush and shear resistant. If you wish you may also opt for an optional overload censor which is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor uses.

  • Low rise home platform lifts– The low rise home platform lifts have safety gates that are interlocked along with an under pan that is pressure sensitive. This under pan stops the lift as soon as it touches any obstacle. Manual lowering can be done in case of power failures. There is an acoustic floor indicator and you can choose the finishes as per your preference.

Remember before you choose a platform lift remember to take into account the space you have available to accommodate it. Platform lifts generally require plenty of room.

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