How to Pack For Vacation

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Start with longer garments such as pants or long dresses and lay the wides end flush against the side of the suitcase. Place another alongside and then reverse the process. You should have two long garments hanging out of the suitcase at each end. This is just on way to save some time before you leave on vacation.

Place your folded shirts or sweaters on top of these garments. Make sure you take the time to fold them all neatly. You do not want to show up on your vacation with wrinkled clothes, especially if its for a Business Meeting.

Fold the long hanging clothing over the folded items until all the longer items are fully in your suitcase. Everything remains in place and the cushioning from the foled clothing keeps wrinkles at bay.

Using Large Ziplock bags are the handiest invention for dividing up small items like Jewelry. They are also great to put liquids in if you have to go on a airplane.

Pick up travel-size versions of your favorite products whenever you see them, not just when you’re getting ready to travel. If you can’t find miniatures, buy small plastic bottles and decant from larger products.

Before you actually pack your suitcase, pile everything you plan to bring on your bed or dresser. This is your opportunity to eye your clothes and cull a few more stuff . If you pack directly into your suitcase, you’ll be tempted to throw in a few extra items (. Once you’ve made the final edit, pack only what’s in front of you.

If you’ve followed our advice, your suitcase should now be a lean, mean, traveling machine. Have a Great Vacation.


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