Benefits of Mediterranean Diet And Lifestyle in Doubt!

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Benefits of Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in doubt!

Spanish study casts doubt on the prevailing opinion about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle for the heart

After analyzing the results of statistical studies in Spain, which, like the U.S. or the UK, differs alarmingly high risk factors for cardiovascular disease, scientists have challenged conventional wisdom about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. In addition, specialists have found the dependence of the high risk of heart disease and inadequate education.

The work is based on data from 2,270 patients of the medical center in Malaga, Andalucia, which traditionally has one of the highest rates of diseases of the cardiovascular system. The average age of participants was slightly less than 44 years, 50.3% were women and 58% of participants had relatively low levels of education.

The results showed that over 60% of patients are overweight or obese, 77% do not get enough exercise, 28% smoked, 33% had high blood pressure, 7% suffered from diabetes and 65% had elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood.

As a result, almost 30% of study participants was found in 3 or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which can be adjusted right diet and lifestyle.

It was also noted that the low level of education is associated with increased risk factors is especially true in the dissemination of such factors as smoking, obesity, high cholesterol levels.

The study also found that:
Men much more often what women is smoking, high blood pressure, high levels of “bad” cholesterol, glucose disorders.
Girls, in turn, are less active physically, are mostly sedentary and more men are prone to abdominal obesity (where the extra weight accumulates in the abdomen and around the waist).
The prevalence of obesity increases with age. 84% of people aged over 50 were overweight or obese, and 82% – abdominal obesity, compared with 61% and 56% for the entire study, on average.

This sad statistic leads to the fact that approximately 33% of deaths in Spain is due to cardiovascular disease.

The myth about the health benefits of Mediterranean diet and lifestyle based on a 40-letih data from rural areas of the Mediterranean coast and over the past 4 decades many lives changed radically. It is not enough simply to live near the Mediterranean Sea and eat local food – you need to consciously monitor their diet and lifestyle, “says study author Dr. Gomez-Huelgas.


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