Rigorous Jogging Not Good For Health

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Rigorous Jogging Not Good For Health.

Jogging whether it’s slow or fast is not an optimal training method. It doesn’t help you to look good but in the same way it can help our body to be in shape. Many people start exercising or jogging not to become fit but to look good. But one can try brisk walking in park or on treadmill) which is good for health and has no side effects. For many years, running has been considered to be the ideal form of exercise but more are prone to heart attacks and joint strain. Small muscles use less energy and are more efficient. The heart is a muscle and if you force it to keep working for long periods of time it will naturally shrink to use less energy and become more efficient.

Some think jogging is the best way to burn extra calories present in your body. It is the most efficient benefit which has lots of benefits. It makes you feel light and active but some prone to rigorous jogging which lead to heart attack or ankel injury, for jogging one need to run in right posture. Then only it will leads to tightening of muscles and its benefits are seen on physical and mental aspects.



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