Instant Cash Advance

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Times are tough for many families today. Those that once had money set aside for emergencies find that they are going through that money to pay the bills each month. When this happens, there are no funds when the unexpected happens, and something is bound to happen no matter how carefully you plan to avoid surprises. If you are stuck and have an emergency, you can find places that will give you an instant cash advance, but do be careful about where you go and make sure you understand exactly what you are doing when you accept this money.

One way to get a instant cash advance is to ask friends and family. This is tough, especially when you have never had to ask for help, or have gotten to a point in life where you feel you should be able to take care of things on your own. It is tricky to ask friends or family for money, and hard feelings can come about if you have no choice but to ask. Make sure it is a true emergency when you do this. It may seem odd, but put things in writing so you feel accountable. Nothing can ruin a good personal relationship quicker than money. Be careful with this one.

You may be able to ask your employer for an advance on your paycheck. This can get dangerous, because if you ask for too much, your checks are going to be small for a while as your employer takes this money back, and you may end up having to find even more money elsewhere. It is not a good hole to get into. However, if you have a true emergency, this may be an option. There are some companies that do this and some that will not. You may already know if this is an option for you or not.

Your 401K can be a source of funds if you find that you absolutely need to find some money somewhere. You can often take an instant cash advance loan out against your 401K that you must repay. Each company will have their own repayment terms. Before you do this, remember that there is often a fee that you will have to pay for this instant cash advance. Don’t make a habit of dipping into your retirement fund, but know that you can get help if needed. It won’t be as instant as some other types, but usually you can get it put through rather quickly.

There are also come quick cash establishments that will give you a loan against your next paycheck. As with the loan you may seek from your employers, make sure you do not get in over your head with how much you wish to take. These are great for emergencies and quick money, but the interest rate is extremely high. Before you decide that this is what you want to do, make sure you understand how much that interest rate is going to be and how that translates into dollars when you go to repay the instant cash advance through such an establishment.


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