How to Distinguish a Real Web Designer From a Fake One

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Look it’s a known fact that finding an efficient and real web designer among thousands of professionals is a tough task. It’s like searching diamond in a dark coalmine. Generally, small firms with their limited budget tend to hire designers who don’t charge much. Fake and self-proclaimed geniuses start to take a chance with such companies. All clients, irrespective of their firm’s size, should try to gather basic knowledge about website designing so that no one can cheat you. Remember that there are talented freelance designers and small studios in the market that can get your job done within your budget.

Here are some salient features that can help you to identify the real and the fake web designer:

  • Minutely go through the designer’s portfolio. Keep in mind that a portfolio gives you basic information about the designer and glimpses of his works. Identify whether there is in inconsistency in the given information. Give special attention to his previous customers’ feedback.

  • Remember that web programmers and designers are not similar. These two are completely separate areas of website building. Sometimes, programmers claim themselves as designers. Appointing such a person will spoil your website. So keep this in mind.

  • Process of web designing is also another important factor. Share your planning, opinions and requirements openly with your web designer and try to get his comprehensive views on that. Don’t hesitate to reject him if you find his ideas as clumsy and unclear. Remember that a professional designer always possesses a clear perception about his work.

  • Make out whether your designer looks professional and smart in his approach. However, going by looks is not always a wise idea.

  • Contacting some of the designer’s previous clients can be a good idea. You can make out something or other about his reputation and capability through their feedbacks.

  • Check out his market readings and access to latest technology so that your website gets the best available resources. Having a look at some of his earlier designs can be useful for that.

  • A real designer will never make impossible promises that he can’t keep. Don’t believe a person who shows instant green signals to everything without considering how far he can produce within your budget.

  • A professional web designer generally looks after the maintenance, up gradation and regular updating of your website but it’s next to impossible for a fake one. Talk to him about this.

So hopefully you have understood how to differentiate between an original and fake designer after going through this article.

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