Sea Hunt: The Search

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Sea Hunt’s second season included an early episode called The Search.  I loved the teaser because we were under water, listening to the narration by Lloyd Bridges discussing the dangers of kelp.  To me, Sea Hunt was always at its best when it took viewers beneath the water’s surface, to the plant and sea life below.  So with a start like this, I was hopeful this was going to be both an educational and entertaining show.

Indeed, after the teaser, there was a nice informational scene where Bridges’ character of deep sea diver Mike Nelson was teaching hand signals to some scuba diving students.  I love learning this stuff which explains a lot about surviving in the ocean.

Soon enough, the show’s drama happens when one diver disappears.  Quite honestly, I really like this episode more for what I learned about kelp, hand signals, and methods of searching under water than for the action element.

Jan Harrison guest stars as Ruth Morgan, the wife of the man who was in trouble.  Harrison was a familiar face to this show, having guest starred in numerous episodes throughout its 4 year run on TV.  Also in this show is Courtney Brown, who actually was one of the underwater stunt divers and coordinators for the series.


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